You will find us at locations all around town through out the year selling corn, melons, tomatoes, pumpkins, flowers and produce for every season. There are other off site markets that you will be able to find us, and we will try to keep you up dated as to were we are.

Here at the Olde Garden Shack we are a seasonal operated business, and exactly what that means is, we do what Mother Nature tells us. We follow through the season’s changes, bringing you the latest bounties from our harvest.



Brighten your landscape with our spring products including Designer mixes in 20 different unique designs, thousands of 4 inch potted plants (for your window boxes and planters), bedding plants of all types and sizes, Perennials by the hundreds, and nursery stock for your landscape.


Spring will fade into summer so quickly we will narrowly notice. We then hope that you will enjoy with us the fresh produce are currently growing with the cooperation of Mother Nature. In addition, we continue to have a selection of potted materials through this time.


With the hot summer weather almost over we will drift into of our favorite season. We have been growing pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, gourds, squash, and let us not forget the thousands of hardy garden mums and asters. If only for a drive to observe the changing of seasons we hope to see you!


As we bring in the fall harvest we are looking ahead to our next season. Yes, preparation for the winter season has already begun, and the Christmas cheer is ordered.