Spring is here! New Online Shop and Shack side pick up!


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Memorial Day weekend  !

Montgomery Farmers Market is open ! pre order your hanging Baskets And Fresh Lettuce for your weekend Grill out!
Batesville Farm market will have fresh lettuce and spinach Saturday Morning !
pin the coming weeks we will have broccoli, cucumber, squash, and Melons and corn are growing for July!

We are open to supply you with your garden needs!

During these trying times we are making a few changes so that we can continue to serve and keep you and your families safe and healthy as well as our families safe and healthy .

  • we ask that you help us maintain safe social distancing
  • please stay with your family or those that you have traveled with as much as possible
  • the number of people permitted in each greenhouse will be posted near the doors (please help us follow this by self monitoring)
  • there will be check out spaces designated in the front of the two large greenhouse that will help with keeping you and your good separate from others
  • we will be offering curbside pick up ( you may call to place orders)or online catalog /shopping will help you with this
  • fell free to call if you need special assistance we will do what we can to accommodate (812)933-1155
  • A hand wash sink is available in the front of Green house #1

Thank you in advance for  your patience we will continue to inform you as procedures change. We hope to be able to serve you this year and many years in the future!

We are here 7 days a week we have some Great  Basket for
Memorial Day! 

Memorial Day right around the Corner!